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Wedding Singer

from by Modern Baseball



Find it hard to believe tonight
In a curiously well-kept house built before I was born
This year we’re gonna stamp out the sorry feeling
Rain on summer vacation
Five blocks from Tasker-Morris station
Fucked for the ride home if I can’t find two bills
To rub together before

Midnight rolls around
I thought you heard me sing your spirit sound
But you turned in early
Left the TV flickering its staged romance across your face

Said goodbye from the front porch
I always wonder if you’re smiling at us or if you’re looking away
I’d ask but either way I feel sorry for you
Locked your love in a screenshot
They all work that way
And I’ve been wishing I could say that I don’t
The selfish side likes to think my execution’s more
Of an honest one
These artists all cut cloth with underscored conviction
Blacked out friction flies me back to Baltimore
To wait for you but I’m stuck here too


from Holy Ghost, released May 13, 2016



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