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Pulled over at midday
The joker’s still wet behind the ears
He hands off a novel of novice citations
Outside the service station
The glue sets beneath our heels

My baby’s in Massachusetts
And all this booze is useless
Sunset sing my scratched out sighing soul to sleep
And the cashier here is ruthless
Jeanette, I wrote your name down
But I’d hate that job as much as you do
If I was stuck between Barton and Bighamton too

Days like this I miss listening to records
Making coffee together, snow globes and jersey sheets
I tried sleeping in our bed without you last night
But that didn’t work at all because I couldn’t sleep

Sometimes I wish it was still last summer
And you still lived in South Philly
And I wasn’t playing a show in Nebraska
Or Austin, Texas
Asking the kids what they ate for breakfast

But here I am, Valero bathroom
Who’s paid to keep these things cliche?
Bury me beneath New York State
Because it’s the only place where I feel dead


from Holy Ghost, released May 13, 2016



all rights reserved